Leidi installation


Yanmar 4LV series is perfect for multifunctional vessels. In the past few months we built in this series in an array of local vessels from the brands: Leidi, Marservis and Pičuljan. In the model Leidi 800R we built in a Yanmar 4LV250. In the Marservis model G23 for the Natura 2000 project, a 4LV230 finds its place. Lastly, the Pičuljan Rab 830 has a dual 4LV230 installation with a single station, KMH50A-E gearbox, VC10 vessel control system and NMEA options. 

The 4LV engine series had models from 150, 170, 195, 230 to 250 horse power, applicable to recreational vessels and light commercial use. The series exceeds EU RCD 2 and EPA Tier 3 emission regulation standards. It has low noise and odor, while being a powerful series which operates quietly.