Submergible net cleaning robots

Yanmar’s experience in the aquaculture field dates back to 1988. Navela started spreading its business in this direction in 2009, whereas every Croatian fish farm is supplied with its submergible cleaner. The robot cleaner is a part of Yanmar's mechanical, professional and durable  equipment. Professional and certified service is available through Yanmar's global network.

Important performances

The robot entails multiple advantages. The cages can be cleaned at any time needed, while the boat does not need to be moved around the cage, allowing stable and easy operation. Moreover, the robot is easy to handle - it moves vertically down the cage, with its visibility being 155 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically. A compass helps in orientation. The cleaning range is 1910 mm, 14 meters per minute at cage diameter of 38 meters. The number of working hours is 6. Furthermore, the high pressure water is solely used for cleaning only, while the recoil from the water jet operates the propeller, making the whole robot system extremely fuel efficient.


Positive effects of the robot's regular usage 

Healthier fish leads to higher standards and nets last longer. Since the nets have to be changed less often, there is a reduction of human labour. Real time monitoring and visual transmission of the cleaning allow for a single person handling of the system.



Movement speed: 14 m/min
Cleaning area: 1.91 m
Max. cleaning speed: 1,600 m2/hr
Max. depth reach: 50 m


Movement speed: 12 m/min
Cleaning area: 0.57 m
Max. cleaning speed: 372 m2/hr
Max. depth reach: 50 m


Pump unit data sheet