Frequently asked questions

1. Who is Navela?

Navela is the regional distributor of Yanmar diesel engines, high quality boating equipment and net cleaning robots for maricultural activities on the Mediterranean. Moreover, we offer engine maintenance and service. You can check out the list of our certified dealers on this site . We are a small, family company, present on the market since 1992. We foster a friendly working environment and take care of our clients. For almost thirty years, we cherished quality over quantity and will strive to do so in the future, while keeping in mind sustainable solutions which are more environmentally friendly. 

2. Do you sell outboard engines? 

No, we only sell Yanmar inboard diesel engines. Their use varies from leisure marine and individual use, to medium-speed and high-speed commercial engines. The recreational engine line up goes from 10 to 640 HP. The commercial engine line up also contains generator sets.

3. Do you sell fishing and diving equipment? 

Fishing and diving are out of our scope of supply. However, we offer a wide variety of boating equipment. From stainless steel winches, through sailing clothing to leisure equipment, such as stand up paddles. Brands of boating equipment we distribute are Plastimo, Goiot and Andersen. 

4. Do you ship internationally? 

Yes. We ship through our logistic partners (DPD, DHL and others). 

5. Do you accept cash payments? 

Sorry, we don't accept cash payments anymore. In favour of making our business more digitized and sustainable, we switched to wholesale and accepts online payments and bank transfers. Thank you for your understanding. 

6. Do you have other social media channels? 

Yes. We have an Instagram , Facebook , Youtube and LinkedIn page, where we encourage you to follow us and support our content. 

7. Do you offer any sustainable solutions? 

Yes. Recently we developed the first hybrid solution between a Yanmar diesel inboard engine and an electric engine. We continue working on hybrid projects, to reduce the exploitation and emission of greenhouse gases. 

8. Do your products have compliances to global standards? 

Yes. Our recreational engines are compliant with EPA Tier 3 and RCD 2 emission regulations. The company management system is according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.