Yanmar recommends using only approved fluids for the continued running of your machine.

With regular maintenance in suggested intervals and usage of original spare parts, Yanmar engine oil and coolant, your engine will live longer and simply work, work and work!



Change oil regularly, use the original Yanmar oil.

  • synthetic and mineral oil
  • optimal protection
  • declared preformances
  • tested and approved


Change coolant regularly, use the original Yanmar coolant.

  • prepared for your engine
  • prevents climate change influence and corrosion
  • provides declared protection
  • guarantees long usage life


  • YANMAR offers a range of all-inclusive Maintenance Kits for each engine range, saving you time and money.

Why always have standard spare parts on board?

  • it reduces the possibility of making mistakes with the spare parts codes; everything you need is one spare part set.
  • it's saving time and money 
  • it offers additional sense of safety on board

Yanmar service and/or sales representatives are never far – they are available in 130 countries worldwide, with highly trained professionals and original spare parts.

How to order the standard maintenance set: 

1. Look for the label with your information on the engine
2. Find out the engine model and serial number
3. Contact the nearest sales and service representative in our network with the info you gathered or order in our web shop.

New! You can order original Yanamar spare parts in our web shop.