Navela's charter mechanic training

Charter mechanic trainings were held in Navela's new business facility in Pula, in November, for big charter companies who are responsable for boat maintenance and authorized service dealers of Yanmar engines. More than 50 employees from Navigare Yachting, Sunsail, Moorings, Pitter, Dream Yacht, Angelina and Euromarine, as well as 30 mechanics from authorized services passed two or three-day trainings. The program „Charter mechanic training“ was specially developed for leveraging the maintenance of engines in big charter fleets who need to work fast because of their specific business. Yanmar's engines are in 50% of sailboats and catamarans in our charters and they are used 20 times more than the ones for private use. Therefore, their quality maintenance and promptous solving of problems is a key cornerstone for a successful boating season. Through training, participants got even more familiar with the engines contained in fleets, where the accent was put on an efficient communication with the service network. Various examples from real life were examined to assure that the servicers can recognize issues as soon as possible. Highlight was put on cases where unoriginal and low quality service parts were used. Then small savings can lead to big and unprofitable damages. Trainings were split into theoretical and practical parts and were lead by the leader of tech support and a technician from Navela.

Every group from four of them in total had a special videoconference with Yanmar's support and warranty center. Participants were trained how to register their own vessel and engine in the system with their hull number and/or vessel name and how to find their own vessel and ask for technical support if needed. All of the mentioned should result with even more efficient functioning of the service network, better mutual communication and even more safety of end users. Navela's employees in favor of better overall functioning of charter fleets, continuously visit their bases, analyze their work and in some cases provide support.

Two technical trainings for authorized servicers were pointed towards getting to know better the new engine line for the ones who didn't attend trainings this spring, diagnostic usage of the oscilloscope and an efficient usage of Yanmar's customer support system.