Evaluation of built-in 4LV Yanmar engines

Navela's specialists have been working the whole past summer on the implementation of the new 4LV Yanmar engine series in vessels and yachts being built on the east coast of the Adriatic. Since then, Yanmar's engines have been built in several vessels. Two Yanmar's 4LV with 250 hp have been built in Adriana 44, one engine of the same type in Kuster 70R and two 4LV'S of 195 hp in Seafaring 44. All of the installations were extremely successful and the engines showed exceptional performances throughout the summer boating season. After the season, routine checks were run and they confirmed the functionality of the engine and the controlled working regime. The monitoring of all important engine parts was made by Navela's employees using the most up to date surveillance gear. These engines are contributing to the sum of 3000 diesel engines Navela distributed on the market and more than 500 new-built vessels and yachts, smaller travel vessels and fishing boats in whose furnishing Navela contributed.