Have you digitally registered your engine?

Digital is becoming the new normal and more and more data is becoming available exclusively via digital means. Your engine data finds its way to digital interfaces too. Yanmar developed an online portal for communication, information and tracking maintenance for its end users. The portal is a digital key to enter the world of Yanmar and to access an array of technical support services, which help you manage your engine by having an insight in its history, warranty and product registration itself.

As a registered user you can edit your user profile, update your personal data and track all the important information for your Yanmar engine. Also, you can ask technical questions, through the knowledge base discover important information for your engine's work and review the history and status of your engine's maintenance intervals. Navela started its educational campaign, to make the end user more familiar with the process of the digital registration.


The campaign started on Zagreb Boat Show in February 2023 and continued on through Croatia Nautic Show and Internautica Boat Show. Apart from e-mail or social media, you can find out more by contacting Navela's sales and technical team.