PAX 55

Company: Agena Marin d.o.o.
Headquarters: Biograd

Pax 55 is the second, considerably bigger model of semi submarines developed by an extremely successful and innovative manufacturer. This model enables developing confirmed business models of touristic soft adventure excursions with a bigger number of people.

Basic technical characteristics

Length 17.10 m
Beam 3.75 m
Draft 1.28 m
Displacement 27000 kg
Capacity 55+2 persons
Material fiberglass


Pax 55 runs on Yanmar 4CHE3 84 HP engine in combination with the YX-30-Z buckle. 
See engine specifications below.


Agena Marin ltd is the leader in manufacturing and developing semi submarines as well as implementing innovative touristic projects in Croatia and beyond. 
By developing a new and bigger semi submarine, the company is dealing with market inputs and carrying out its mission. 

The company was founded and is led by Mladen Peharda.


The appearance and use of the semi submarine represents a considerable innovation in the fleet of touristic boats. It has changed the underwater experience for both locals and visitors. 
While the top side of the boat’s body is always above sea level, the bottom part is 1.28 m emerged and this enables passengers a spectacular view on the underwater ecosystem through a big glass surface thus creating a feeling of real dive but with complete comfort, safety and modern design. 

High standards in environment protection have been met in semi submarines’ building and usage. It does not affect the local ecosystem. Agena Marin offers its buyers, along with manufacturing semi submarines, a complete business model of how to use it, return on investment and profit gain.

After the first semi submarine models had been recognized in Croatia and their export began, the necessity for a much bigger capacity semi submarine was detected. It can uplift the already successful business model to a new level.


The first Pax 55 semi submarine was launched in Biograd na Moru, after a long and careful development and building.

Tests have been made in February and March, as well as measurements by the Croatian Ship Registry. 
The semi submarine will afterwards be delivered to a client from Krk who is already in possession of two smaller semi submarines.

Number 55 in the semi submarine’s name, only by name but in appearance a glass boat, signifies it can board up to 55 passengers and has the characteristics of a cruise ship. Guests are settled in the passenger area fully emerged below sea level. It’s total glass surface is 20m2, while the big concave glass surface (2.5 x 1m) enables great visibility and transparency. Passengers can exit to the deck at any time. There are two crew members navigating the boat, which runs on Yanmar commercial engine of 84 HP.

The Pax 55 project was partly funded by the Croatian Government. The funds were assigned by HAMAG BICRO within the B1 measure – strengthening of competitiveness of small businesses in 2014.