The local versatile vessel Kuster 70 in its new presentation includes Yanmar's 4LV inboard engines with 250hp

Kuster 70, last year's model from shipyard Tkon, got a new variation with Yanmar's 4LV inboard engine with 250 hp. In its initial form, Kuster 70 was meant to be driven by an outboard engine. This new model with an inboard engine enabled a free deck. Kuster 70 is a model dating from 2017., with specific aesthetics that embrace the lines of traditional adriatic vessels and features of contemporary versatile vessels with a deck cabin. The design lines are lightly curved and fluid, where the deck dominates the elegant form of the vessel. The vessel is 8,30 m long and 2,65 wide with a beam of 0,90 m specialized for an engine of 350 HP. Yanmar's engines is a 4-cylinder diesel engine from the new 4LV line, with the bulk of 2755 cm3, rendering 184 kW at 3800 rpm. The contemporary inboard engine with a turbo charger and direct fuel injection system accomplishes great performances. To sum up, it is a combination of local elegant boatbuilding from Tkon and reliable japanese engineering. Technical specifications can be retrieved from references.