Terra Nauta

Company: Terra Nauta

Headquartrers: Zagreb

Website: www.terranauta.com

Not many boats make you feel like a captain – watch out to the sea, sky and the entire boat. Terra Nauta’s spacious cockpit, however, offers a lot more: a pure feeling of pleasure.

Basic technical characteristics

Overall length 12.17 m
Beam 4.00 m
Draft 1.03 m
Max. speed 40 knots
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Terra Nauta runs on two Yanmar 8LV-370Z engines. See engine specification below.

More on the boat:

The deck is entirely covered on first class teak – there is a 13.5m2 fully flat bow part made especially for sunbathing. 
There is enough room for socializing with guests as well as the crew on the 4 m wide stern with benches furred with quality waterproof material.
 There is a large cover on the stern for easily accessing the engines and other important devices.

A traditional Mediterranean working boat was transformed into a luxurious yacht – in a way never seen before.