Z drive for 4LV engine series
Published: 03. December 2018.

Yanmar has launched a full line-up of 4LV sterndrive marine diesel engine models to complete its highly-acclaimed 4LV series of ultra-refined common rail (CR) engines, now available with a Z sterndrive. The line was first introduced to the public on the METS (Marine Exhibition Trade Show) in November of 2018 in Amsterdam. The engine is available in five different combinations varying from 150 to 250 hp with Yanmar's ZT370 saildrive which offers exceptional acceleration, fuel efficiency, remarkably quiet operation, and low vibration to suit a wide variety of vessels.

With the complete line of 4LV inboard engines, power and fuel efficiency reach its maximum with the most up to date, direct, electronically-managed CR fuel injection systems. This engine generation uses Thermo Swing Wall Insulation technology which offers the maximum of thermic efficiency and therefore the combustion is accomplished, torque is maximized and the emission of gas is lowered. Yanmar's diesel engines from 150 to 250 hp are all of the same dimensions, with same base parts what makes them easier for mechanics to install.

The new models are fitted with the YANMAR ZT370H sterndrive with hydraulic multi-disc clutch for exceptionally smooth and quiet gear engagement, plus standard EXO hard-anodization coating to provide exceptional protection against corrosion. Ensuring optimal performance for a range of boats for recreational and light duty commercial applications, the ZT370H sterndrive is available in various gear ratios. Other features include precision-forged gears with extra-long service life, the choice of electrical or mechanical shift models, and an integrated exhaust system.

Floris Lettinga, Director Sales and Marketing emphasized: „We are delighted to announce the availability of the full YANMAR 4LV Series range with ZT370H sterndrive. The new models include a wide range of available engine options to support specific customer requirements, making this market-leading range of lively, responsive, and reliable engines available to an even larger number of boat users.  YANMAR’s 4LVs have been recognized as the most powerful, quiet, and fuel-efficient engines available in their class. Our new sterndrive models now offer even more impressive acceleration, through the inclusion of dual counter-rotating props, as well as the ability to trim and enter shallow waters. Both the 4LV engines and sterndrives have been designed for easy installation and maintenance. The YANMAR ZT370H is also straightforward to retrofit with the same dimensions as previous drives.”

All of Yanmar's 4LV engines and ZT370H saildrives offer multiple control systems, from electric to mechanic controls for both commercial and recreational sailing. The engine line is also compatible with the light and easy to use Yanmar JC10 joystick for maneuvering. Customers have also a choice regarding the simple control panel with Yanmar's NMEA set of instruments, which is compatible with other NMEA 2000 multifunctional units. All engines are in line with EPA Tier 3 emission regulations, being virtually smoke and odor free.

With the 4LV Z-drive series, 8LV diesel engine of 320/350/370 HP with a ZT370H Z-drive is also available.

Another innovation was presented, being the new sail drive SD80 meant for sailboats engines in the following horse power range: 80, 110 i 150.