Dtorque presentation on The World
Published: 29. June 2018.

The World is the world's biggest private residential cruiseship with its length of 644 feet. Since 2002 it has sailed several destinations while its 165 rooms were inhabitated by even some celebrities. The interior is made out of studios, single bed and double bed rooms, while entertainment is provided by multiple art performances, sports and wellness.

Ofcourse, on a cruiseship of that kind, safety is an imperative. That is why, Dtorque was tested and presented on Zodiac Mark 5 tenders for logistics.

Dtorque is an outboard diesel engine of 50 HP, with a maximum torque of 111 Nm with an extraordinary fuel efficiency. The average fuel usage is 12 l per hour which is half less than the average consumption of a 70 to 80 HP gasoline engine. Its special advantages for cruisers and travel vessels as users are its safety and fuel storage.