Net cleaning robot demonstrated to italian breeders
Published: 01. June 2018.

After it was presented to Croatian tuna and white fish breeders, Yanmars' new net cleaning robot NCL-LX, had its demonstration to spanish and italian breeders. Italy is one of the largest suppliers of cultivated fish on the Mediterranean, right after Turkey, Greece and Spain. The three-membered Navela crew presented the advantages of NCL-LX in Golfo di Follonica in front of the small city of Piombino, on the Agriottica Toscana company's farm. Other white fish breeders from the local area were also present on the demonstration. Breedets cultivate tons of sea brasses and sea breems in cages of circa 25 m diameters. The cages are distanced 5 nautical miles from the shore and constant waves and wind make it difficult to clean the cages.  Under those circumstances NCL-LX showed great performances. Every cage was overgrown by shells and seaweed but fully cleaned in only three working hours. The presentation included the initial work process of the robot's preparation, getting to know the system and a short usage training. Breeders were very satisfied with the robot's efficiency, the simple usage and the new quality standard of the fish obtained by the clean cages.