Published: 27. February 2018.

Yanmar's 3JH40 common rail diesel engine was renowned to be one of the most revolutionary nautical product getting rewarded with the innovation award on the Miami International Boat Show 2018. The engine was first presented to the audience on Düsseldorf Boat Show 2018. 3JH40 was announced winner in the inboard engines category, while the award was conducted by professionals in the nautical industry. The awarding board concluded how the smallest CR diesel engine from the Yanmar family represents advanced technology and more efficiency to smaller vessels. With the power of 40hp, compact and quiet, 3JH40 brings diversion to owners of smaller vessels and the feeling of pure efficiency to commercial vessels owners while they experience the performances granted by electronically controlled CR fuel injection technology. With minimal fuel consumption and extremely low noise and emmission of fuel exhausts, the new Yanmar 3JH40 is a propulsion engine which perfectly satisfies the  EPA Tier 3 and EU RCD Tier 2 standards. Water cooled, 4-stroke 3JH40 is the ideal solution  for new vessels, sailboats and catamarans up to 45ft,  small motor boats and small commercial vessels.