The visit of Yanmar Marine International's president

In July 2018 Navela hosted Yanmar Marine International's president, miss Shiori Nagata. It was a unique honor to host somebody on a such important position in our business society. Miss Nagata is the president of YMI and since 2015. she is persistant in leveraging productivity, efficiency and growth of the brand itself, which resulted in exceptional results worldwide. In her intentions, Navela recognized its goal itself.

She was taken through our business center. From the conference hall from which we have a direct connection with the headquarters, offices, digitalised warehouse, training service and employee's break rooms so she could feel a glimpse of our working environment. She was pleasantly surprised with our modern and efficient logistics scheme of the business center and activities themselves. We proved our strong acceptance of japanese discipline and working habits as a mindset.

We are looking forward to future meetings and collaborations.